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Citroën / Books on the go

  • Client / Citroën / Italia
  • Agency / Havas Worldwide / Milan


  • BRIEF / Increasing traffic on Citroën website, through the building of a media domination in Cadorna and Garibaldi Stations (driven by posters)
  • IDEA / Using the conceptual link of the travel, Citroën can give prospects and consumers the opportunity to increase it  with their own fantasy. . The idea was to create a mini-site from which is possible to download books daily. In order to do that, we held a partnership with Indiana Publishing. Supported by a film launch on the web, digital PR and posters in the two stations, the audience could access the site, read a pill summary of the book and decide whether download it or not.
  • RESULTS / Hundreds of accesses per day. Thousands of clicks and ebook downloads. Increase the influx on the site by 20%




What would you have to tell if you’ve ever traveled?

When you read, you can get dazzled by a story,

discover new horizons,

and get your fill of emotions.

Some stories will illuminate the road,

others make you into new worlds.

Citroën has always made you travel,

but now it will do it with imagination.

Download the book of the day on

and you will find that the journey continues.




”  Reading is a journey into travel  “

”  There are books that take you high  “


”  Read you must see beyond  “

”  The journey continues  “


”  To read is to enter new worlds  “

”  A story can take you to new destinations  “

”  Each page is a journey to places unknown  “









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