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BOTH was born in Milan in 2014, founded by the creative couple Erick Loi and Paolo Maccarini. After years we spent among the largest international advertising agencies, Both is a project dedicated to independent video making. Constantly looking for new visual inspirations and storytelling, we join every production experiment with different genres with a single conviction: of thousands of impossible ideas there is one that can realize them all.


ERICK LOI / Creative Director / Art

I produce international/national TVCs and print campaigns, including digital,
interactive and social elements and larger integrated campaign initiatives
for clients such as Campari, Citröen, Peugeot, BMW, Ferrarelle Water, Vitasnella, Ferrero, Saiwa,
Telecom, Legambiente, Vodafone, L’Oreal, Coca-Cola, Unilever, Martini, Bacardi,
Costa Crociere, SSL Sauber, IKEA and many other brands.

Over the past four years, I have collaborated with the University Politecnico of Milano, teaching to the advertising class.

I chose advertising as a job, because I thought it could be the best way to explore and handle everything I always needed. Music, cinema, photography, graphics and the blending potential they keep within. That’s why, along many years in many agencies
through different campaigns and clients, I worked as original music-maker
for some significant tv commercials. That’s why I’m trying, as a director, to enlarge my reel, and now I can mention a collaboration with and some music video.


PAOLO MACCARINI / Creative Director / Copy

I am currently Creative Director at McCann Milan for Coca-Cola (all brands), MasterCard and Nespresso (project). Considerable experience with international agencies for both local and international clients with campaigns covering TVC, print, social, digital and events.

In 2011, I received a Master’s Degree in Storytelling and Performing Arts under Alessandro Baricco at the Holden School in Turin.
My screenplay “Senza Fiato” was selected for the production of a short film by Lucio Pellegrini.
I have held copywriting courses at the European Institute of Design, ACME and the Politecnico di Milano.