Citroën / DS4 Posters


  • Repeat after me: “I don’t take orders from anyone”.
  • Drive with your head held high.
  • How long is your leash?




  • Obey yourself. Revolt.
  • You do not have a bad temper. You just have temper.
  • Don’t think before you speak. Just speak loud.




  • Sort yourself out. But out where is your decision only.
  • Guide your thoughts in the wrong direction.
  • Trust yourself. You do not know anyone from a longest time.



For the launch event in Italy, Citroen DS4 has been designed, for the larger Citroen showroom in Milan, a poster campaign that supports the concept of the movie “Not for the Yes Men”.


  • Client / Citroën / Italy
  • Agency / Havas Worldwide / Milan


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