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Can we judge a book by it’s cover? It depends. We wanted play on this idiom, unhinging the metaphor and demonstrating one of the highest power of fashion: to give people the possibility to gain the appearance and personality they desire, allowing them to play out and realize their sexuality identity, being perceived as something else than themselves. Fashion can make one be what he/she wishes to be. screenplay and direction / Erick Loi, Gabriele Inzaghi director of photography / Mauro Chiarello color grading / Toboga, Milan executive producer / Cristina Dell’Oro music / Nicolò Fragile / Gianfranco Clerici / Erick Loi BACKSTAGE STORYBOARD PRESS


Pictures is a musical experiment produced in 2006 and dedicated to the world of movie soundtracks. Assuming that the music sets us free to imagine anything, we gave listeners the chance to write their own titles over empty spaces in the CD back cover. Some “chapters” have a more surreal and abstract feature, other ones try indeed to tell a story. That’s for instance what happens with Chapter_D, that tells the story of two passengers leaving a railway station and arguing until they get to their own destinations. On the other hand, Chapter_F is a track specifically composed for “Urban Pornitecture”, an installation by Romanian artist Anila Rubiku showcased at Gallery Braverman in Tel Aviv in 2008. The show explores, through the different installations, sexual and pornographic issues and their relation to urban and domestic life, suggesting the reciprocal influence between the two areas, which reflects on modernisation, industrialization and questions of gender and body perception. A rhythm that sounds like an heartbeat and a construction yard are the two foundations for a seductive, hypnotic and modern …