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Maserati Grecale / Global Premiere

Maserati Grecale, the new Maserati SUV that turns your everyday into something exceptional. We created an up-to-the-mark Global Premiere starring world-class actors like Alessandro Borghi and Matilda De Angelis. They challenged each other to show who loves and understands Maserati the most, transforming the launch of a new car into a cinematic performance. TRAILER

Juventus / App

Client / Juventus Agency / Independent Ideas Production Company / Indaco Director / Nicholas Pezzarossi Launch of the new Digital Ecosystem by Juventus: a renewed website and a new official App to connect the users to all the black and white world, wherever they are.

No_Code / Mantra

Director’s cut / Client / Tod’s Agency / Independent Ideas Production Company / Karen Film Director / Alberto Colombo Executive Producer / Tommaso Pellicci Director of Photography / Alessandro Pavoni Producer / Stefano Ottorino Set Designer / Benjamin Vlassenroot Stylist / Lea Bevilacqua Make-up Artist / Antonella Sorrenti Editor / Tania Bornacin Post Production / Davide Romanoni Casting Director / Martina Mozzillo Music / Francesco Fantini Award / Silver, Bronze, Shortlist, ADCI Special thanks Carlotta Mantelli for the voice. Life is a matter of codes. So is fashion: made of catwalks, seasons, styles and retail models defining the rules of the industry. No_Code is the capsule collection by Tod’s that challenges these rules, creating a label with unpredictable releases and an undefinable identity. Presented in Milan during the S/S 2019 fashion week, the No_Code video mantra investigates on the nature of the many codes we live with everyday. Video, photography, graphic design and other details of the film are all treated with a unique way of thinking: “know the rules, so you can challenge them.”

Abarth / Scorpioneoro

Client / FCA Production Company / Oltrefargo Agency / Independent Ideas Director / Alberto Colombo Director of Photography / Alessandro Bolzoni Executive Producer / Federico Mazzola Producer / Nicolò Dragoni Editor / Tania Bornacin Post Production / Marcello Sanna e Band 3D Production / Rendermate Music / Francesco Fantini

Citroën / DS4

In 2011, Citroën Worldwide launched a new car. By temperament “maverick” it comes out of the box of the international market with a powerful engine, with comfortable spaces, with practical dimensions. This is not an SUV, not a sedan, not a coupe. It ‘s another thing, is the new DS4. Client / Citroën Europe Agency / Havas Worldwide, Milan / H, Paris Director / Tom Kan / Quad / Paris Award / Le Club des DA

Campari Creation by Paolo Sorrentino

  Client / Davide Campari, Italy Agency / Havas, Milan Director / Paolo Sorrentino Music / Pleasure, Feist Production Company / Filmmaster, Milan Post Production / EDI, Milan   The commercial wants to rewrite in visionary a story that tells the creation of passion in the world. Campari’s film opens with two parallel stories: in a mysterious bar, the wise hands of a bartender create an American Campari, while in his atelier an artist creates a feminine figure who is becoming the first woman on earth. Right after our Eve meets for the first time a young man, Adam, in a timeless place. BACKSTAGE    

Peugeot 208 / Connected Energy

The heart of the campaign is the perfect driver’s connection to the road and with the outside world, thanks to on-board technologies. The TV spot shot in Cape Town shows all this with a humorous hyperbole: the fingers of the driver have a “superpower” that makes him have full control of everything that happens outside the car, and make it able to take action at a distance, to break the monotony of a party on the terrace and deal a strong blow to the sparring partner in a gym.   Agency Havas Milan + BETC Paris Client Peugeot Intl Director Thomas Garber Production Company Moonwalk Films Music The Girl / The Kungs

Camparisoda / Hook Up

  Client / Campari S.p.a Agency / Havas Worldwide, Milan Director / Ne-o, London Production Company / Stink, London – Filmmaster, Milan Post Production / Glassworks, London Music / Get fresh with you – Teddybears Feat. Redfox. Awards / ADCI, Shortlist   Campari Soda, the iconic Italian aperitif brand, introduces a new alternative way to drink Camparisoda and to enjoy aperitif hours. The world Camparisoda mixes with other ingredients, it becomes more open and it lasts longer. The communication area stays on the topic of friendship but it evolves surprisingly as the product does. With Camparisoda an aperitif with friends lasts longer. Longer they drink Camparisoda, longer they stay together: friends will have more time to know each other better, to establish relationships, to chat and to “get closer”. Aperitif lasts longer, friends get closer.

Campari / Cocktail Recipes

Client / Campari / Italy Agency / Havas Worldwide / Milan Director / Alberto Colombo   The creative idea is developed around the concept of the aperitif, understood as a unique moment.  If it is true that the duration of an instant depends on the intensity with which is experienced, the new film Campari dilate the nuances typical aperitif. An exchange of glances, unforeseen and unexpected encounters are a mix of experiences that revolve around the new cocktail.     For the launch of the new Campari Orange Passion dedicated to home consumption and out of the bar, Campari realized a new spot that perform with surprise effect on the recognition and success of the commercial launch Campari Orange Passion on TV in the previous two years.     BACKSTAGE

Camparisoda / Celebrating Friendship

  Client / Campari Agency / Havas Worldwide / Milan Director / Giuseppe Capotondi Award / Grand Prix NC Award     The commercial aims to be a celebration of sociability and complicity, typical features of people really close to each other. Camparisoda becomes the ingredient crisp and casual, the inevitable aperitif, ideal with this special moment to share with friends. The creative idea is developed around the product, capable of transforming a drink with old friends in a unique opportunity. A group of guys can be found at the local bar for a round of Camparisoda. From the daily routine of these guys we, attend the birth of synchrony, a rhythmic sequence of habits and complicity that generates movements linked together. Same time, same round. Everything happens in absolute simultaneity. Because when you’re close to your friends, you can predict their actions and conversations, with harmony all around.   backstage