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Camparisoda / Celebrating Friendship


  • Client / Campari
  • Agency / Havas Worldwide / Milan
  • Director / Giuseppe Capotondi
  • Award / Grand Prix NC Award



The commercial aims to be a celebration of sociability and complicity, typical features of people really close to each other. Camparisoda becomes the ingredient crisp and casual, the inevitable aperitif, ideal with this special moment to share with friends.

The creative idea is developed around the product, capable of transforming a drink with old friends in a unique opportunity. A group of guys can be found at the local bar for a round of Camparisoda. From the daily routine of these guys we, attend the birth of synchrony, a rhythmic sequence of habits and complicity that generates movements linked together. Same time, same round. Everything happens in absolute simultaneity. Because when you’re close to your friends, you can predict their actions and conversations, with harmony all around.




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