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Peugeot Sensationdriver by Stefano Accorsi

  Client / Peugeot, Italy Agency / Havas, Milan Director / Stefano Accorsi Production Company / Think Cattleya Awards / Bronze Cyber ADCI, Shortlist Branded Content ADCI   #sensationdriver is a branded content project focusing on the concept of «sensations», that is an integral part of Peugeot brand identity. The outstanding narcisistic and unscrupulous Accorsi, but also and mainly self-mocking, is the main character of a funny and fascinating trip in the world of the emotions. The web serie tells the day of the most important test sample of his whole life: the prologue is common to each episode, meanwhile the daily perfomance changes on the basis of the sensation with whom the character chose – aboard the Peugeot automotive – the way to go to the casting. The 3 first episodes were realeased on the 15 of February, and the others 3 were published individualy one week after the other. On the devoted website the users were able to interact with the prologue through a freeze frame thanks to a «sliding doors» style. …

Appleton Rum / Dream Job

Client / Campari / Italy Agency / Havas Worldwide / Milan     With the aim to support the launch of Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum in Italy, the Campari Group commissioned Havas Worldwide Milan to design the creative concept and build a strategic activity that can engage users with an unconventional high viral potential. Thus was born The Chiringuito Appleton Rum launched with #mollotutto, which will provide an opportunity, in February 2015, to experience the atmosphere at the Jamaican Chiringuito Appleton and explore Jamaica and its traditions. Promoted on the web and supported by social channels and a viral video campaign on air since September 2014, the initiative will provide an opportunity for professional people who want to throw the daily routine behind and get through the challenge launched by Appleton Estate Rum. All applicants could open their candidacy on the digital platform until September 20 by uploading a video presentation. Until October 18 there will be a phase of interview in which the top 30 candidates, identified by a screening, will be interviewed to determine the 10 finalists. In the final …

Estathè / Real just like you are

Client / Ferrero / Estathè / Italy Agency / Havas Worldiwe + Arnold / Milan Award / ADCI   ”  Best Ferrero integrated campaign ever in terms of numbers, in Italy  “   TV COMMERCIAL Director / Danxzen The protagonist tells his passions that are generated on the shirt. You are encouraged to do the same and to participate in the competition on the web to get your own personalized t-shirt  

Citroën / Books on the go

Client / Citroën / Italia Agency / Havas Worldwide / Milan   BRIEF / Increasing traffic on Citroën website, through the building of a media domination in Cadorna and Garibaldi Stations (driven by posters) IDEA / Using the conceptual link of the travel, Citroën can give prospects and consumers the opportunity to increase it  with their own fantasy. . The idea was to create a mini-site from which is possible to download books daily. In order to do that, we held a partnership with Indiana Publishing. Supported by a film launch on the web, digital PR and posters in the two stations, the audience could access the site, read a pill summary of the book and decide whether download it or not. RESULTS / Hundreds of accesses per day. Thousands of clicks and ebook downloads. Increase the influx on the site by 20%   WEB COMMERCIAL translation: What would you have to tell if you’ve ever traveled? When you read, you can get dazzled by a story, discover new horizons, and get your fill of emotions. Some stories will illuminate the road, others make you into …

Legambiente / Calendar

Client / Legambiente Agency / Havas Worldwide / Milan Photographer / LSD / Milan Award / Short List Cannes Lions / Silver ADCI   To celebrate its 30th anniversary, which fell at Christmas time, Legambiente draws attention to recycling and responsible consumption with a gift. Every 28 years, dates match. This proves that even an old calendar becomes new again. So, we created a special insert where people could remove the calendar to hang on the wall. A rubber stamp wished Happy Old Year and encouraged commitment to start the year with a resolution: RECYCLE.