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Camparisoda / Celebrating Friendship

  Client / Campari Agency / Havas Worldwide / Milan Director / Giuseppe Capotondi Award / Grand Prix NC Award     The commercial aims to be a celebration of sociability and complicity, typical features of people really close to each other. Camparisoda becomes the ingredient crisp and casual, the inevitable aperitif, ideal with this special moment to share with friends. The creative idea is developed around the product, capable of transforming a drink with old friends in a unique opportunity. A group of guys can be found at the local bar for a round of Camparisoda. From the daily routine of these guys we, attend the birth of synchrony, a rhythmic sequence of habits and complicity that generates movements linked together. Same time, same round. Everything happens in absolute simultaneity. Because when you’re close to your friends, you can predict their actions and conversations, with harmony all around.   backstage

Citroën / Promo

Client / Citroën / Italy Agency / Havas Worldwide / Milan   Director / Tell no One ”  Innovation is pretending to be surprised every day  “     Director / Dadomani ”  Innovation is to bring the man to the environment  “

Honda Civic / Motorcycle Emotion

Client / Honda / Italy Agency / Ata De Martini / Milan Director / The Who Talent / Valentino Rossi Award / Published on Shots and Lürzer’s Archive   Men just love motorcycles. But what to do if you haven’t got one? This spot’s young hero (Velentino Rossi World Champion of Moto GP) shows that a humble car can communicate just the same kind of feeling – especially if it’s a Honda Civic, of course. Once again, Honda are placing their bets on elements such as imagination and the realization of one’s dreams.

Citroën / DS4

In 2011, Citroën Worldwide launched a new car. By temperament “maverick” it comes out of the box of the international market with a powerful engine, with comfortable spaces, with practical dimensions. This is not an SUV, not a sedan, not a coupe. It ‘s another thing, is the new DS4. TV commercial + postcards in the showroom.     Client / Citroën Europe Agency / Havas Worldwide, Milan / H, Paris Director / Tom Kan / Quad / Paris Award / Le Club des AD  

Sauber / Deo Dress

Client / Sauber Agency / McCann Erickson / Milan Director / ACNE Award / Published on Shots     It ‘happened to everyone, at least once, to feel uncomfortable due to a moment of unexpected sweating. And in these cases the thought not to be in place can become a real paranoia. It’s what happens to the protagonist of the new Sauber spot: a manager before boarding an aircraft starts to feel “sniffed” means all the people he meets, by the check-in passengers of their flight, they have huge noses instead of the head. The solution to the problem comes through Sauber Deo Dress, the first deodorant that is applied directly on the clothes preventing and eliminating the smell of sweat.