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Ferrarelle / Stories

  • Client / Ferrarelle / Italy
  • Agency / Havas Worldwide / Milan


  • Illustrator / Sergio Mora / Barcelona

”  The journey of water which does good work.
Once upon a time there was, and unfortunately there still is today, a place where the water is so inaccessible that children have to walk for an entire day to reach it, without leaving them any time left to go to school. Once upon a time there was, but fortunately there isn’t any longer, the exact same situation in many villages in Eritrea. Why no longer? Because one day a wonderful project came to the area: “The water which does good work”. This operation organised by Unicef with the support of Ferrarelle is bringing water to 44 schools, forever. Quenching the thirst of 13,000 children, not only for water, but for knowledge too. Once upon a time there was, and there will continue to be: because Ferrarelle intends to support this project permanently. To bring water, and a better future, to more and more children. Now there’s a happy ending.
The amazing thing is that it’s a true story.  “



  • Illustrator / Bombo / Milan

”  Every masterpiece deserves to be protected behind glass.
In an unexpected fold of reality lived a young artist in search of inspiration. One day a huge frame appeared out of nowhere and began to roll wildly this way and that. The odd thing was that the closer you came to it, the smaller it seemed to become. So that when it came to a stop at the artist’s feet, it had become a perfectly ordinary frame. “I’m looking for a masterpiece to frame”, it said. “Go into my study and choose one”, replied the artist proudly. The frame went in and returned with the painting it had chosen. “But I didn’t paint that”, protested the artist. “I know, this is the work of nature. I’ll be back when you are as good. And embracing the bottle of Ferrarelle, he rolled away back the way he had come. “That’s what’s missing: the effervescence!” thought the artist. He opened a bottle and enthusiastically got back to work.
The amazing thing is that it’s a true story.  “



  • Illustrator / Nouar Boldy / New York

”  The king’s cook and the water’s spell.
A long time ago, in a faraway land, there flowed a very special water which inspired wonder in those who drank it. One day the king’s cook arrived on his travels around the world in search of a unique water. He tasted it and was enchanted. The delicate bubbles teased the tip of his tongue with their lively taste. “Who performed this miracle?”, he asked in amazement. “Nature”, answered the inhabitants of the land in unison. The cook thought the king should definitely try this wonder. But how? The cook remembered that the most precious things are all protected behind glass. Without wasting time, he put the water in a bottle to conserve all its properties, and quickly returned to court. He called the best glassblowers to make him the finest bottles; the only ones suitable for bottling his water and conserving its properties. The king was very impressed with the gift and made him the chief court cook. Today the spell of that unique water can still be cast. Just go to the finest restaurants and say the magical word written on the label: Ferrarelle.
The amazing thing is that it’s a true story.  “

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