The Game / Sam & The Black Seas / Music Video

“The Game” is the second single released on the Atomic Fat label and was mixed by Matteo Sandri at Mono Studio and mastered by Giovanni Versari at the La Maestà studio.

It is the story of a man looking at himself and feeling displeased. He is always searching for something new, maybe better. This is a story of attempts, of anger, of dreams and of madness.

Special thanks to Alberto Ponticelli for the drawings – (Marvel, Vertigo, Comix).

  • screenplay and direction / Erick Loi, Paolo Maccarini / Both
  • dop / Fabio Casati
  • assistant director / Paolo Bartoli
  • set designer / Mirko Sala
  • production company / The family / Milan
  • post production / Band / Milan
  • sound design / Enzo Casucci
  • label / AtomicFat / London





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