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Client / Ferrarelle s.p.a / Italy Agency / Havas Worldwide / Milan Digital Artist / Diemick / Milan Award / Silver ADCI _________________________________________________________________ Client / SSL / Europe Agency / McCann Erickson / Milan _________________________________________________________________ Client / SSL / Italy Agency / McCann Erickson / Milan Illustrator / Sergi Sanchez / Barcelona Award / Silver, Bronze ADCI _________________________________________________________________ “Each week, the Ferrari legend in every detail.” Client / Gazzetta dello Sport / Italy Agency / McCann Erickson / Milan 3D Designer/ Alessandro Bavari _________________________________________________________________   Client / SSL / Italy Agency / McCann Erickson / Milan Illustrator / Sergi Sanchez / Barcelona Music / Pietro Paletti Award / Silver, Bronze ADCI _________________________________________________________________   Client / Weight Watchers / Italy Agency / McCann Erickson / Milan Photographer / Gabriele Inzaghi Award / Cristal, Bronze _________________________________________________________________   Men just love motorcycles. But what to do if you haven’t got one? This spot’s young hero (Velentino Rossi World Champion of Moto GP) shows that a humble car can communicate just the same kind of feeling – especially if it’s a Honda Civic, of course. Once again, Honda are placing their bets on elements such as imagination and the realization of one’s dreams. Client / Honda / Italy Agency / Ata De Martini / Milan Director / The Who …

Camparisoda Limited Edition

Client / Campari, Milan Agency / Havas WW, Milan Awards / ADCI, Silver / Published On 200 Best Packaging Design 2017/18 Lürzer’s Archive   Camparisoda has always celebrated true friendship. Since 1932, the glass bottle designed by Depero is an icon of the Italian aperitif. Every day at 07:00 pm it encourages friends to stay together, as a social catalyst. To support the concept of a close friendship, this limited edition wears an unusual cover, tailor-made and characterized by a red velcro. Each toast will become a sharing moment defined by the Camparisoda unifying effect: friendships can not help but become even closer.