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The Love We Owe / Sam & The Black Seas / Music Video

  screenplay / Both directors / Both post productions / Toboga, Milan music / Sam & The Black Seas   A love story between a girl and a dummy. It starts from elementary school and, like in the best fairytales, goes on untill the adult age. Video for the song “The love we owe” by Sam & The Black Seas, the story in some way try to answer the main question of the lyrics: is it love the love we owe? Shooted in Italy in Milano, Como and Chieti with no budget.        PRESS   storyboard     backstage  

The Game / Sam & The Black Seas / Music Video

“The Game” is the second single released on the Atomic Fat label and was mixed by Matteo Sandri at Mono Studio and mastered by Giovanni Versari at the La Maestà studio. It is the story of a man looking at himself and feeling displeased. He is always searching for something new, maybe better. This is a story of attempts, of anger, of dreams and of madness. Special thanks to Alberto Ponticelli for the drawings – (Marvel, Vertigo, Comix).     screenplay and direction / Both dop / Fabio Casati assistant director / Paolo Bartoli set designer / Mirko Sala production company / The family / Milan post production / Band / Milan sound design / Enzo Casucci label / AtomicFat / London     BACKSTAGE   PRESS                                                    

Client / Ferrarelle s.p.a / Italy Agency / Havas Worldwide / Milan Digital Artist / Diemick / Milan Award / Silver ADCI _________________________________________________________________ Client / SSL / Europe Agency / McCann Erickson / Milan _________________________________________________________________ Client / SSL / Italy Agency / McCann Erickson / Milan Illustrator / Sergi Sanchez / Barcelona Award / Silver, Bronze ADCI _________________________________________________________________ “Each week, the Ferrari legend in every detail.” Client / Gazzetta dello Sport / Italy Agency / McCann Erickson / Milan 3D Designer/ Alessandro Bavari _________________________________________________________________   Client / SSL / Italy Agency / McCann Erickson / Milan Illustrator / Sergi Sanchez / Barcelona Music / Pietro Paletti Award / Silver, Bronze ADCI _________________________________________________________________   Client / Weight Watchers / Italy Agency / McCann Erickson / Milan Photographer / Gabriele Inzaghi Award / Cristal, Bronze _________________________________________________________________   Men just love motorcycles. But what to do if you haven’t got one? This spot’s young hero (Velentino Rossi World Champion of Moto GP) shows that a humble car can communicate just the same kind of feeling – especially if it’s a Honda Civic, of course. Once again, Honda are placing their bets on elements such as imagination and the realization of one’s dreams. Client / Honda / Italy Agency / Ata De Martini / Milan Director / The Who …

Camparisoda Limited Edition

Client / Campari, Milan Agency / Havas WW, Milan Awards / ADCI, Silver / Published On 200 Best Packaging Design 2017/18 Lürzer’s Archive   Camparisoda has always celebrated true friendship. Since 1932, the glass bottle designed by Depero is an icon of the Italian aperitif. Every day at 07:00 pm it encourages friends to stay together, as a social catalyst. To support the concept of a close friendship, this limited edition wears an unusual cover, tailor-made and characterized by a red velcro. Each toast will become a sharing moment defined by the Camparisoda unifying effect: friendships can not help but become even closer.      

Something Went Wrong / Short Movie

A guy is about to do something that will definitely regret. He wanders through the city at night, thinking about all the choices that led him to make that decision. He will discover that when everything goes wrong, something can go even worse.            Based on a story by Dario Villa screenplay / Both director / Both director of photography / Davide Bellocchio camera assistant / Mattia Lunardi editing + color grading / Both sound design / Enzo Casucci music / Sam And The Black Seas          PRESS       STORYBOARD  

Ferrarelle / Life Inside

  Client / Ferrarelle s.p.a / Italy Agency / Havas Worldwide / Milan Digital Artist / Diemick / Milan Award / Published on Lürzer’s Archive / Silver ADCI   others   PRESS   in the city…

Appleton Rum / Dream Job

Client / Campari / Italy Agency / Havas Worldwide / Milan     With the aim to support the launch of Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum in Italy, the Campari Group commissioned Havas Worldwide Milan to design the creative concept and build a strategic activity that can engage users with an unconventional high viral potential. Thus was born The Chiringuito Appleton Rum launched with #mollotutto, which will provide an opportunity, in February 2015, to experience the atmosphere at the Jamaican Chiringuito Appleton and explore Jamaica and its traditions. Promoted on the web and supported by social channels and a viral video campaign on air since September 2014, the initiative will provide an opportunity for professional people who want to throw the daily routine behind and get through the challenge launched by Appleton Estate Rum. All applicants could open their candidacy on the digital platform until September 20 by uploading a video presentation. Until October 18 there will be a phase of interview in which the top 30 candidates, identified by a screening, will be interviewed to determine the 10 finalists. In the final … / Perception / Fashion Movie

Can we judge a book by it’s cover? It depends. We wanted play on this idiom, unhinging the metaphor and demonstrating one of the highest power of fashion: to give people the possibility to gain the appearance and personality they desire, allowing them to play out and realize their sexuality identity, being perceived as something else than themselves. Fashion can make one be what he/she wishes to be.   screenplay / Both directors / Erick Loi, Gabriele Inzaghi director of photography / Mauro Chiarello color grading / Toboga, Milan executive producer / Cristina Dell’Oro music / Nicolò Fragile / Gianfranco Clerici / Erick Loi     BACKSTAGE   STORYBOARD   PRESS

4 Single Fathers / Opening Credits

Client / Indiana Production Agency / The Hatch Studio / Milan Animator / Macaia / Berlin   4 Single Fathers is a comedy/drama about four Italian single fathers trying to cope with American ex-wives, children, family, and new relationships, set in New York and Rome. Director: Paolo Monico Writers: Craig Carlisle, Gabriele Muccino, Liz Tuccillo Stars: Alessandro Gassman, Jeanine Bartel, Joe Urla, Francesco Queen